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Tamiya - JR Low Friction Small Diameter Narrow Tires (24mm), and 3-Spoke Wheels

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SKU: TAM95634
This set includes low friction small diameter narrow tires (24mm) and 3-spoke wheels. Use this item to adjust speed and low center of gravity with your racing Mini 4WD race car! Thanks to their hard compound, these low grip-tires minimize bounce after airtime and also facilitate quicker cornering. Employ all four, or experiment with using them on the front or rear, left or right only to fine-tune your setup.


  • This set offers various kinds of setup. Example: front attachment to give smooth cornering, one-side attachment to limit friction caused by inner wheel friction when turning, and rear attachment to limit speed when jumping.
  • Maroon small diameter (24mm) narrow tires are paired with white polypropylene 3-spoke wheels.
  • Compatible with Mini 4WD PRO and Mini 4WD cars. Please note that some chassis/bodies may require modification.