Tamiya - TRF-Racer Jr. Black Special Kit, w/ Mini 4WD MS Chassis


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SKU: TAM95550

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This Limited-Edition Tamiya Racing Factory Racer Junior kit comes in a black special color theme. The original kit (item 18613) came in white, blue, light blue and pink color scheme. The kit features a 3-piece chassis with nose, center, and tail sections for easy assembly. Double shaft motor drives all 4 wheels and is located at the center of the chassis with 1 battery on each side, giving the chassis excellent balance. The race car body is made from lightweight polycarbonate and is styled like a car belonging to Tamiya's world-famous TRF team. Small diameter wheels with slick tires and 3.5:1 gear ratio ensure quick running performance on the track. In addition, there is a large variety of Grade-Up Parts to choose from to customize your machine.

MS Chassis
The excellent three-piece MS Chassis has its motor and battery loaded in the centerpiece, which provides superb stability at high speeds.


  • The body is molded in clear polycarbonate, for a super-light model and lower center of gravity great for races.
  • Features metallic type stickers with a new color scheme.
  • Silver color plated small diameter wheels are paired with Black super hard tires.
  • Type 130 double-shaft motor is included. The model features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.
  • Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
  • A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.
  • Specifications:

  • Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 153mm, width: 89mm, height: 39mm.