Tamiya - Modelng Flat Chisel Blade 2mm


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SKU: TAM74143

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This is a flat chisel blade. Made from HSS, it holds a superb edge which is great for chiseling, engraving and removing protrusions from flat surfaces. It also enables precision work in hard-to-reach parts of your model project. It is compatible with the Engraving Blade Holder (Item 74139), and Fine Pin Vise D-R (Item 74112).


  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • A handy case is included for storage of the blade when not in use.
  • Thicker protrusions should be filed down first, and this blade used for their final removal.
  • Compatible with Item 74139 (recommended) and Item 74112
  • Specifications:

  • Length: 25mm, blade width: 2mm, diameter: 2mm.