Tamiya - Cam-Program Robot Limited Gun Metal and Orange


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This is a Gun Metal and Orange color variation of the popular Cam-Program Robot. The Educational Construction series assembly kit aims to help everyone enjoy the fun and informative world of building. The Cam-Program robot is ready to follow your commands - just insert the individual cam pieces into the program bar down the center, and by doing so, program how it is moved by the two gearboxes.


  • This assembly kit creates a robot whose movement can be programmed by the use of cam parts. The dual motors power triangular tracks and left/right arms in unison.
  • Cams are inserted into the central program bar, and as it is pushed through the model by the program bar gear, the position of the cams is translated to the steering legs, which are lifted off the surface and cause the robot's motion to change.
  • Different assembly patterns create 2 different types of motion.
  • Program bars give approximately 35 seconds of movement each and can be joined together for longer patterns.
  • Includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly.
  • Requires one AA battery (sold separately).