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Tamiya - Aluminum Adjustable Servo Horn

$ 29.60 $ 37.00
SKU: TAM54893
This Tamiya aluminum adjustable servo horn allows you to finely tune your racing cars chassis steering geometry. You will be able to tune the steering range by raising or lowering the height of the arm on the servo saver.

Compatible Chassis:
CC-01, GF-01, G6-01, M-05, M-05 PRO, M-05Ra, M-05 Ver.II PRO, M-06, M-06 PRO, M-07 Concept, M-08 Concept, TA07 PRO, TA07 MS, TB-05 PRO, TT-02 & TT-02B Chassis


  • Set distance between servo horn center and ball connector at 1m increments between 15 and 22mm.
  • Steering range is also adjustable.
  • Incorporates servo saver function, providing protection in case of crashes and other shocks.