Tamiya - Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub, 9mm Thick (2pcs)


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SKU: TAM54610

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Tamiya aluminum Clamp Type wheel hex hubs are available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. These New 9mm clamp type wheel hubs are made from durable and lightweight aluminum to the selection of Tamiya's widely used hubs. At 9mm thickness, they provide a new setup option to many of Tamiya's cars that allow the use of hex hubs to secure the wheel onto the car.


  • These wheel hubs are cap screw-affixed for secure attachment.
  • No more worries about losing 2x10mm stainless steel shaft when removing the wheel.
  • Precision aluminum parts are highly rigid and durable.
  • Hub parts are given a stylish blue anodized finish.
  • Item No: 54610