Tamiya - RC Gear Differential Shim Set


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Get your gear differential set up exactly how you want it! This handy shim set features 2 different thicknesses of shim (0.2 and 0.3mm) to allow fine adjustment of the bevels in your gear diff.

Note: These shims are meant to be used in Tamiya oil-filled gear differential units employed in 4WD touring cars and 4WD off-road buggies.


  • 5x10x0.2mm Shim x4
  • 5x10x0.3mm Shim x4
  • Compatible Chassis: TA07 PRO, TA06, TA06 PRO, TA06 MS, TB-04, TB-04 PRO, FF-03, FF-03 PRO, FF-04 EVO, TRF419, TRF419X, TB Evo.7, TB Evo.6, TB Evo.6 MS, M-07 Concept, XV-01T, XV-01 PRO, TRF503, TRF201XMW and TRF211XM Chassis
  • Chassis TA05 Ver.II use with Item 54312
  • Chassis DB01 use with Item 54329