Tamiya - RC 3x14mm Low Friction Step Screw, 4pcs


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The M-05 and M-06 chassis both use 3x14mm step screws to secure suspension arms and friction dampers. By replacing them with these precision made, low-friction screws, smoother movement is possible, resulting in consistent handling.


  • Low-friction plating applied for silky smooth motion
  • Hex heads facilitate extremely secure attachment
  • Compatible Chassis: TT-01 Type-E, TT-01 Type-ES, TT-01D Type-E, TT-02, TT-02D, TT-02 Type-S, M-05, M-05 PRO, M-05 Ver.II PRO, M-06, M-06 PRO, MF-01X, DF-02, TT-02B, DT-02 and DT-03