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Tamiya - RC TB-03 Aluminum Servo Stay (Right) - Hobby Recreation Products

Tamiya - RC TB-03 Aluminum Servo Stay (Right)

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Aluminum construction provides stronger servo support. Reduced contact area with chassis also means better roll characteristics.

Compatible Chassis Includes:

TB-03, TB-03 VDS, TB Evo.6, TB Evo.6 MS, TA05 Ver.II*2, FF-03, FF-03 PRO, FF-04 EVO*1, TRF201XMW, TRF211XM, TRF502X, TRF503, TT-02, TT-02RR, TT-02D & TT-02 Type-S Chassis

*1Use in place of NN29.
*2Cannot be used with Item 54096 TB-03 Aluminum Servo Stay (R) (for Transponder Stay).