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Tamiya - Lightly-Tuned Brusted 28T 540 Motor - Hobby Recreation Products

Tamiya - Lightly-Tuned Brusted 28T 540 Motor

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This new electric motor is perfect for installing into M-03 & M-04 chassis to participate in official Tamiya races. It provides more torque than the normal RS-540 type motor, and can sustain its high performance for long durations. This motor is also compatible with touring car chassis and is a great upgrade for beginner drivers to let them gradually adjust to higher performance motors. May be used with ITEM 53581 Racing Motor Brush and ITEM 53486 Commutator Cleaning Brush Set.

WR-02, WR-02C, WR-02CB, WR-02G, GF-01, G6-01 and G6-01TR chassis require full ball bearings when using this motor.


  • Perfect for use by less experienced R/C car drivers, or those using M-Chassis models
  • Specifications:

  • The can is black, with a blue end bell
  • Input voltage: 7.2V
  • RPM (without load): 16,300
  • Maximum torque: 55.4mN-m (7.2V)