Tamiya - Fluorine Coated Suspension Ball, 8pcs


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Fluorine coating reduces friction between suspension ball and mount, allowing for smooth suspension movement.

Compatible Chassis:
TA07 PRO, TA06 PRO*1, TA06 MS*1, TA06*1, TA05 ver.II*1, TB-04 PRO*2, TB-04*2, FF-04 EVO, FF-03 PRO*2, FF-03*2, TRF419, TRF419X, TB Evo.7, TB Evo.6 MS, TB Evo.6, M-07 Concept*3, XV-01 PRO, XV-01T, DB01, DB02, TRF502X, TRF503, DN-01, TRF201, TRF201XMW and TRF211XM Chassis
*1: Use with Items 54064-54074, 54171-54175.
*2: Use with Items 54064-54074.
*3: Use with Item 54760.