Tamiya - 24mm Soft Tire Insert, 2pcs


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These are rubber tire inserts designed to fit 24mm wheels. They come in pairs and the blue color easily identifies the insert as a soft firmness.

These soft tire inserts come into their own in low track surface temperatures, or on technical, winding circuits.

Compatible Chassis:
TT-02 Type-S, TA07 PRO, TA06, TA06 PRO, TA06 MS, TA05 Ver.II, TB-04, TB-04 PRO, FF-04 EVO, FF-03, FF-03 PRO, TRF419, TRF419X, TB Evo.7, TB Evo.6 & TB Evo.6 MS Chassis

Compatible tires:
Item 51023, Item 51049, Item 53433, Item 53705 and Item 54256.