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Tamiya - TRF420 D Parts Suspension Arms

$ 8.25 
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SKU: TAM51639
These are spare suspension arm parts for the TRF420 racing chassis kit.

- TRF420 D Parts x2
- Components are molded in carbon fiber-reinforced plastic for superior rigidity.
- The tweaked design uses aluminum inserts for damper attachment. Using different inserts (sold separately) allows adjustment of lever ratio, with three different setups possible.
- Rear arms are 3mm offset to the rear, allowing the shorter TRF420 lower deck (while keeping the same wheelbase) and giving increased rear traction.
- For use with 3mm diameter shafts (sold in Item 51637).
- Compatible with TRF420, TRF419*, TA07* and TB-05 PRO* chassis cars.
- Note: *Rear arms have different offset to kit standard parts, and require adjustment of wheelbase using spacers, etc.