Tamiya - RC TT-02RR Chassis Kit Limited Edition


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This R/C model assembly kit is a tuned variant of the TT-02 shaft-driven 4WD chassis, featuring an assortment of option parts: oil-filled gear differential units offer near infinite setup possibilities, adjustable front and rear upper arms allow alteration of camber, while the hard-plastic tub lower deck is molded in blue color. Also, in the kit are aluminum propeller shaft and rear upright components, high performance CVA oil dampers, and full ball bearings.

Featured Components:
1. New Adjustable Upper Arms
2. Oil-Filled Gear Differential Units
3. Lower Deck (Hard/Blue) (47339)
4. Alu. Rear Uprights (3.0) (54733)
5. Alu. Propeller Joint (54502)
6. Alu. Propeller Shaft (54501)
7. High Speed Gear Set (68T) (54500)
8. Ball Bearing Set (54476)
9. 5mm Ball Connectors (50875)
10. Metal Drive Shafts & Wheel Axles
11. 5mm Alu. Short Ball Nuts (Blue) (53869)
12. 5mm Alu. Ball Connectors (Blue) (53642)
13. 4mm Anodized Alu. Flange Lock Nuts (Blue) (53159)
14. Medium-Narrow Racing Slicks (51049)
15. CVA Damper & Spring Set

Some items pictured are not included. Shown assembled for display purposes only.


  • Includes hard lower deck component molded in blue.
  • Includes full ball bearings, aluminum propeller shaft and joint components, plus oil-filled gear differential units.
  • Includes high speed gear set to allow for faster gear ratio settings.
  • Blue anodized aluminum uprights give 3 degrees of toe-in to improve control and corner stability compared to standard TT-02 kit parts.
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension with CVA oil dampers.
  • Includes racing slick tires.
  • Specifications:

  • Shaft-driven 4WD R/C chassis assembly kit. Length: 376mm, width: 182/190mm (selectable), wheelbase: 251/257mm (selectable).