Tamiya - German Tank PZ. KPFW. IV Plastic Model Kit


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This historical model assembly kit depicts the German Pz.Kpfw.IV. It was a stalwart of the WWII effort, serving from start to finish of the conflict. Manufacture began in 1936 with the Ausf.A, and went through a number of specifications before what was perhaps the definitive short barreled variant started production in 1941: the Ausf. F. It had reinforced armor and updated hull designs, as well as an L/24 75mm gun. Around 460 rolled off of the production lines, serving on the Eastern front as Nazi Germany grappled with the Soviet Union, and in North Africa.


  • Brand new parts! (Only the lower hull and wheels are existing designs).
  • Assembly type tracks capture the main Ausf.F design with lightened center guide sections. Tracks are assembled on an included jig to help recreate realistic upper run 'sag.'
  • Choose between two types of engine deck hatch, with or without louver.
  • Comes with three figures (commander, gunner and loader) for installation in the model's various hatches.
  • Markings are included to recreate a choice of two different Eastern Front vehicles.
  • Includes a full color painting guide and four-language background story.