Tamiya - German Tank Destroyer Marder I Plastic Model Kit


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This historical model assembly kit depicts the German Tank Destroyer Marder I. The Marder I was one of the early German efforts to update a military that - despite crushing early successes against Poland and the Allied early in WWII - was in sore need of mechanization. Based upon the French Lorraine supply tractor, it was one of a number of commandeered vehicles pressed into German service. Around 170 were produced from May 1942, and their 7.5cm Pak40 anti-tank gun was a threat to Allied AFVs in France post-Normandy landings, and also on the Eastern Front and even North Africa.


  • 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit.
  • Compact chassis and bulging upper hull, complete with rivet and weld line details.
  • Interior features gun breech detail, sights, racks, radio equipment and more.
  • Assembly type tracks have single piece straight sections.
  • Two figures are pictured looking to the skies, hinting at the breakdown of air control from their Luftwaffe after the Normandy landings.
  • Comes with three marking options, two from Normandy and one from the Eastern Front.