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Tamiya - JR Racing Mini Shirokumakko Kit, 1/32 Scale

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This model is called the "Shirokumakko", a Japanese word which means "polar bear" in English. Very aptly, a cute polar bear driver figure is included in the kit and fits in nicely with a cool color scheme that"s perfect for the hot summer months. The model utilizes the body from Item 94891 Terra Conqueror Open Top, and runs on the racy and adaptable Super-II Chassis.


  • The Super-II Chassis is molded in glossy Light Blue ABS.
  • The Terra Conqueror Open Top body is molded in glossy White PS material.
  • Features a pre-assembled polar bear figure "Shirokumakko"
  • Newly-designed stickers are included.
  • Metal-plated wheels are fitted with Blue small-diameter slick tires.
  • The model features a 4:1 gear ratio.