Tamiya - JR Brake Sponge Set, Mild, 1/2/3mm, Blue


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This is a low-friction brake sponge set for Mini 4WD race cars. It comes with 3 thicknesses. It gives a milder brake effect than the Red sponge set sold in item 15492 JR Brake Sponge Set. Use the 3 thicknesses for different places on your Mini 4WD car! The 2mm sheet is a single piece to help differentiate easily between the 3 types.


  • 3mm thickness 50x50mm Brake Sponge Sheet x2
  • 2mm thickness 100x50mm Brake Sponge Sheet x1
  • 1mm thickness 50x50mm Brake Sponge Sheet x2
  • Usable with MA, MS, AR, Super-II and Super XX chassis machines.