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Spaz Stix - Sapphire Blue Pearl Airbrush Ready Paint, 2oz Bottle - Hobby Recreation Products

Spaz Stix - Sapphire Blue Pearl Airbrush Ready Paint, 2oz Bottle

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SKU: SZX16020
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Spaz Stix Pearl Paint provides an amazingly deep finish with it's high pearl content. This unique product sprays on transparent, then when backed with a solid color, creates a beautiful blue iridescent effect, giving your R/C body a very "high-end" look!

*IMPORTANT: When sprayed, this color is very translucent (see through), and it will appear that little or no color is being applied. Please be sure to apply a few even coats and let dry before applying the backer. Do not apply heavy coats, as any "runs" in the paint will cause an uneven finish. The backer color will show through the pearl, creating a blue iridescent effect. We recommend backing with black for a dark, deep finish, or white for that classic pearl look. Experiment with the backer color of your choice to create truly custom, one-of-a-kind finishes.

All Spaz Stix paints are formulated for use on polycarbonate material. Specifically, clear bodies for R/C cars and trucks. Be sure to test compatibility when using on other surfaces. If using for on an "external" application, apply the backer as a base coat, rather than after the Pearl paint. You will also need to apply a quality clear coat (SZX90109) to achieve a high luster.


  • Enamel based formula
  • Pre-thinned. Just pour it into your airbrush and spray.