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Spaz Stix - Gold Metallic Aerosol Paint, 3.5oz Can - Hobby Recreation Products

Spaz Stix - Gold Metallic Aerosol Paint, 3.5oz Can

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Spaz Stix Metallic paints give a brilliant sparkle that really makes your project stand out in the crowd. Whether you're going for that old school Hot Rod look, or just looking for something unique, this paint is for you!

Spaz Stix Metallic paints are opaque colors that are loaded with "flakes" which really dazzle in the light, especially direct sunlight. Metallics will require 3-4 even coats, and the end result can be slightly lightened or darkened when choosing your backer color (we recommend white, silver, or black). While formulated for use on polycarbonate R/C bodies, Metallics will work well on just about any paintable surface.

  • Enamel based formula