ST Racing Concepts - Heavy Duty Aluminum Steering Linkage for Axial RR10 Bomber, Wraith

ST Racing Concepts

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The stock plastic steering linkage on the Axial Wraith is a common complaint of weak point on this vehicle, as the stock pieces tend to be sloppy and weak in transferring the torque and power coming from the steering servo. Our CNC Machined Aluminum Steering link features 7mm thick aluminum tubes for lower and upper steering links. The upper link features a slight bend that allows for all the power and torque from the servo to be transferred in a perpendicular angle to the arm of the knuckle to ensure no power is lost in the transfer. Steering link requires Axial turnbuckle ends (AX80057, longer straight ends on the part tree) and the stock ball link from the vehicle or you can use new AX80018 ball links.