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Skydog Kites - Thunderstruck, Black Kite - Hobby Recreation Products

Skydog Kites - Thunderstruck, Black Kite

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SKU: SKK20422
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If you are looking for the ultimate Beach Sport Kite, look no further than the Thunderstruck!

This kite has proven to be one of the best flying beginner sport kites available on the market today for those mid range to higher wind conditions. The 6mm Fiberglass frame and deep sail profile allows it to handle "beach conditions" and the learning process. When the wind pick ups, no problem. This kite is not only a great beginner sport kite, but one that any flier will appreciate and enjoy in challenging winds and one that you can really feel on the end of the lines. It rips though the sky with a loud buzz noise that adds to the excitement.

Including Ready to Fly lines, winder and fly straps, the Thuderstruck is a fun kite to fly for all skill levels!


  • Dimensions: 69.5" x 31"
  • Materials: Ripstop Nylon Sail/6mm Fiberglass Tube Frame
  • Skill Level: Novice - Intermediate
  • Wind Range: 4-20mph
  • Line Set: 25kg/20m Braided Polyester on winder with fly straps