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Skydog Kites - Little Wing, Dragon Kite - Hobby Recreation Products

Skydog Kites - Little Wing, Dragon Kite

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SKU: SKK20418
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The Little Wing has proven to be an amazing beginner sport kite. Featuring close to a 5' wingspan, durable fiberglass frame and deep sail profile, the Little Wing is able to fly at a slower forward speed and in lighter wind conditions. This makes the kite easier to fly and a lot more fun for the first time flier.

Flight Lines and wrist straps included.


  • Dimensions: 59.5" x 27.5"
  • Materials: Ripstop Nylon Sail/4&5mm Fiberglass Tube Frame
  • Skill Level: Novice - Intermediate
  • Wind Range: 4-20mph
  • Line Set: 25kg/20m Braided Polyester on winder with fly straps