Schelle Racing - B74 Fan Mount and Wire Clip

Schelle Racing

$ 12.00 

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If you've got a B74, you need a motor fan to help reduce fade over longer runs. Get the Schelle B74 Fan Mount and Wire Clip set. It's simplistic design and included wire routing clip will make the install a breeze. No servo tape, no customization needed. Fits all 30mm fans. Schelle recommends grabbing a fan with an aluminum housing....they just take the abuse better.

Low profile fan placement, hovers a fraction of a millimeter off the chassis. Direct bolt on fit, installs in minutes. Comes with super-dialed wire clip to keep those wires from getting sucked into the drive-train.

Includes 3-D printed fan mount, wire clip, M3x16 BH screws for fan, M3x10 BH screw for mounting.

Note:. Do not use a motor fan as an excuse to over-gear your motor. Gear for the powerband it has with no fan, then use the fan to keep it from fading. Typically with the short stack generation of 13.5 motors, you'll be 22 or 23-78. Start there and go up in pinion.