RPM R/C Products - Mini Front Bumper for the Associated B6 & B6D

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RPM's Mini Front Bumper replaces the stock hinge pin retainer (it is not a bumper) and provides roughly 1" (25mm) of forward extension and nearly 2" (49mm) of width to help protect the front end of the vehicle. That means direct frontal impacts won't transfer 100% of that damaging impact energy into the front bulkhead/chassis/shock tower. Instead, this bumper will absorb a huge amount of that energy, making sure you can continue to compete instead of being pulled off the track by the turn marshal.
Each RPM B6 & B6D Front Bumper also extends below the level of the chassis by 0.02" (.5mm) to help reduce the amount of scuffing and damage taken to the front of the stock aluminum chassis plate.
RPM Mini Front Bumpers for the B6 & B6D are extremely lightweight, weighing in at a mere 7.5 grams. RPM bumpers are extremely strong and some of the most durable and impact-absorbing bumpers on the market. Each bumper is backed by their limited lifetime warranty against breakage.