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You've heard of twin turbos, but have you heard of mirror turbos? If not, you're in for a treat! Mirror turbos take the lack of symmetry out of twin turbo set-ups by utilizing one clockwise rotating turbo and one counter-clockwise rotating unit. A mirror turbo set-up leaves the engine bay clean and balanced, unlike a standard twin turbo set-up.

Now you can show off a mirror turbo system in your favorite 1:10 - 1:8 scale ride with a pair of RPM Mirror Turbos prominently perched on your hood. RPM's scale mirror turbos have a cool, recessed design yet protrude out of the hood far enough to show the detail that makes them unmistakable as anything other than turbos.

Each kit comes with both a left side and right side turbo unit. Each unit is a 4-piece design that includes a turbo, a base plate and lock plate. The final piece is selectable. RPM includes a pair of mock air filters and a separate pair of mock velocity stacks so you can opt for either a race or street set-up.

RPM Mirror Turbos are sold in a mixed color pallet. The turbos and velocity stacks are silver / chrome while the base plates, locks and air filters are black.

Tech Notes: RPM recommends installing Mock Mirror Turbos on relatively flat hoods with minimal curves and contours. RPM Mirror Turbos are for appearance only and are not functioning units.