RPM R/C Products - Shotgun Style Mock Intake & Blower for most 1/12th - 1/8th Scale Bodies

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The RPM molded Shotgun Style Intake and Blower is finely detailed with such finishing touches as blower belt ridges, pulley splines, and recessed butterflies in the scoop. Additionally, they made it simple to bolt it on to almost any hood that is relatively flat by angling the entire unit to 7, a very typical hood slope. That means the blower unit will sit properly and accurately on a wide variety of applications. It all bolts together with only 3 small screws.

Each RPM Shotgun Style Intake & Blower comes complete with all the hardware you'll need to bolt it to your favorite ride (you'll need to supply your own 1/8" diameter (3mm) drill & a 2mm hex driver) and even includes a wide support plate that bolts underneath the body to prevent hard impacts from ripping the blower assembly off of your vehicle.

You already know your ride is ridiculously fast, step up the cool factor with RPM!

Tech Notes: The RPM Shotgun Style Mock Intake and Blower Set is for appearance only and is not a functioning unit. RPM warranty restrictions may apply due to the scale nature of the design.