RPM R/C Products - ESC Cage for the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC, compatible with the Traxxas X-Maxx

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Unlike other aftermarket ESC plates that require double-sided tape, the RPM ESC Cage for the Traxxas X-Maxx and the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC provides a solid, positive mount to keep your ESC in place. Dual clamp plates lock the ESC in place so even a massive slam won't eject the ESC. Additionally, it allows the ESC to be run with or without a fan. It encases the ESC body only, leaving the fan free for easy removal for wet running. Furthermore, RPM left the front and rear of the ESC open to allow critical air movement, helping to keep the ESC cool. Also included is an encased on / off switch mount and antenna relocation plate.
Each RPM ESC Cage is molded in black and manufactured from ridiculously tough blend of engineering grade nylons. Don't trust your investment to double-sided tape or zip ties.

Tech Notes: The RPM ESC Cage for the Mamba X 8S ESC works with Castle ESCs from the following Castle part numbers #010-0165-00 & #010-0165-01. This ESC Cage has been tested and guaranteed to fit the Traxxas X-Maxx running the stock Traxxas Receiver Box Lid #7724 and #7714 Chassis Support Braces.

Motor and Motor Mount Notes: If the Castle Mamba X 8S ESC is used with a stock or stock replacement motor, no further aftermarket parts are required. Big block motors require an aftermarket motor mount. RPM has tested and guarantees the fit of this ESC Cage with motors with a maximum length of 4.44" (112.7mm) such as the Castle #060-0064-00 2028-800KV sensored motor but only when used with an Afrolucha #18010 motor mount. Any motor mount will work as long as the distance from the rear chassis mounting screws to the motor mounting surface is no shorter than .126" (3.2mm) or if the motor is shorter than 4" (101.6mm).

ESC pictured for display purposes only, and is sold separately.