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RPM R/C Products - Chrome Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips - Hobby Recreation Products

RPM R/C Products - Chrome Side Exit Mock Exhaust Tips

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RPM exhaust tips look fantastic on everything from short course trucks, on-road sedans, to late model dirt oval vehicles. So no matter what you're running, they'll add that level of detail your ride has been missing!

Through-the-body mock exhaust tips are a simple, and ultra-lightweight scale accessory designed to look like a set of side exhaust pipes cut through the body. Exiting from some custom flanges that provide a detailed, 3D oval exhaust appearance. Each pipe tip is modeled after a full-sized 3" exhaust, cut on a 45 degree angle. The flange surrounding the pipe is a clever design that supports the pipe, yet provides a shoulder for the body mount to keep the pipe in place. It's all backed by a support plate behind the body, held in place with a single 3mm flathead screw.

Each Through-The-Body Mock Side Exhaust Tip kit is made in the USA and comes with 2 complete exhaust tips (one set for each side of the body) and instructions for properly mounting the tips to the body. Simply cut a small oval hole in the body using the supplied template and install.