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RC4WD - ARB Intensity LED Light Set - Hobby Recreation Products

RC4WD - ARB Intensity LED Light Set

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Created to illuminate the immediate road ahead, These lights can be mounted in any position on the trucks body, and most bumpers as long as you are comfortable drilling a few small holes. The light also tilts up and down, so grab a few sets of these and you will be lighting up the trail in all directions.

Plastic Molded Housing
ABS Plastic Injection Molding
Super Bright Lighting
Standard Receiver Plug
Connects to Extra Channel on Receiver
Capable of 6v-11.1v
1.6mm Mounting Holes
Overall diameter: 0.77in / 19.5mm
Overall Width: 0.87in / 22.1mm
Overall Height: 0.46in / 11.6mm
Overall Weight: 0.29oz / 8.2g