Power Hobby - 1/8 GT Beast Belted Mounted Tires 17mm Medium Green Wheels

Power Hobby

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Beast tires are the ultimate choice for 1/8 class racing, as well as speed runs and high-speed bashers. The Beast tread pattern offers great traction, with a belted carcass that will help to prevent tire expansion at high RPM. The tires are pre-mounted on durable 17mm hex wheels.

Compound Applications:
Soft - Recommended for very low grip surfaces like dirt and fine asphalt, as well as driving in low-temperature conditions. Soft Compound gives you the best grip but will wear out faster.
Medium - Recommended for high grip, clean tracks, and coarse asphalt, as well as driving in high-temperature conditions.

Two Pre-Mounted Tires


  • Beast treated profile for the maximum traction and the maximum lateral grip
  • Inside belt flexible but very strong, vulcanized directly together with tire compound
  • Insert foam with special material for high temperatures, WJ cut for high precision
  • Spoked wheel molded with special material and with a flexible structure for maximum grip and stability
  • Specifications:

  • Wheel Hex: 17mm
  • Outside Diameter: 103mm (4.05")
  • Wheel Inside Diameter: 80mm (3.14")
  • Width: 42.0mm (1.65")
  • Height: 100mm (3.93")