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ZAP Glue - Brush-On Plasti-Zap Glue 1/4oz - Hobby Recreation Products

ZAP Glue - Brush-On Plasti-Zap Glue 1/4oz

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PLASTI-ZAP is a specialty CA adhesive developed for use on plastic and vinyl items. Most plastic modeling projects can be assembled with PLASTI-ZAP and very small amounts of ZIP KICKER. The special formula in PLASTI-ZAP allows it to screen out any mold release agents resulting in a permanent bond in 15 to 30 seconds. The joint can be filed and sanded in a minute or so, allowing extra fast assembly.


  • Medium viscosity formula
  • Cures clean and clear
  • Will not attack paint
  • Works on most plastic and vinyl
  • Non-flammable