MyTrickRC - Vanquish VS4-10 Light Kit


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Want a serious Light Kit for your VS4-10? Look no further than MyTrickRC's Vanquish VS4-10 Light Kit. The Vanquish VS4-10 Light Kit includes High Power Attack Headlights, Rock Lights, and Tail/Brake lights. This Deluxe Kit is waterproof, plug and play, and offers three levels of brightness (manual, or remotely controlled via 3rd channel). Additionally, the Vanquish VS4-10 Light Kit is expandable, so if you want to add more Rock Lights, Running Lights, Interior Lights, or a Light Bar you easily can.

This kit works equally well with the original VS4-10 Limited, and the Pro.

Vanquish VS4-10 Light Kit Includes:
DG-1 Dragon II Controller
1 Pair of Attack High Power Headlights
2 Pairs Attack Rock Light Pods
1Pair Tail/Brake Lights
3D Printed Headlight Bezels
Zip Ties and Zip Tie Mounts for clean wiring managment
Attack Scale Bumper Stickers


  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Easy Installation
  • Waterproof Controller and LED's
  • In-Line Quick Disconnects between Body and Chassis