MyTrickRC - Ultra Scale CHP Flasher (with Motion Detect Arrow)


$ 63.95 

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MyTrickRC's most popular Emergency Flasher just got better! This high tech gadget features automatic motion sensing that automatically turns on an arrow pattern once the vehicle comes to rest for a few moments! It can be set to Left Arrow, Right Arrow, or OFF (Arrow Never Turns On). This is another innovative product from MyTrickRC, that will help make your police vehicle even more awesome than before. The Police Flasher Bar with Arrow is a multi-pattern Emergency Flasher Bar with super bright LEDs, ultra-scale appearance, and now Arrow Function. The molded lens cover has reflector features for each LED which add to the scale realism of this flasher. The Police Flasher Bar really is the best looking Police Flasher on the market, and it's high quality materials means it's built to last. The smart plug and play design of the Police Flasher Bar means it can be powered off the UF-7, car receiver, or 9V battery. Changing modes is as simple as tapping the integrated MODE Button. The Light Bar will remember your last setting. This Light Bar is smart, simple to use and Install, and looks great.

Benefits of the Flasher Bar Police with Arrow
- Totally unique Motion Triggered Arrow Feature
- Low-Power Usage
- Powered by RC vehicle or by 9V Battery
- Extremely Durable
- Water Resistant
- Easy to Install
- Scale Styling
- Designed in the U.S.

*This is the Flasher Bar Only, Car Body or other Lights Not Included