MIP - Moore's Ideal Products - Wrench Set (1.5mm, 2.0mm Hex Wrench & 7.0mm Nut Driver)

MIP - Moore's Ideal Products

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Get MIP's World Famous tools in one convenient package for the TRX-4 Defender! As many are aware all Traxxas vehicles come with sub-par L wrenches and a T-style nut wrench. These poorly crafted tools can cost you time and money as they tend to strip screws which makes working on these vehicles a bit taxing. This package of MIP's quality tools is specifically bundled together so the unnecessary pain of working with cheap tools never occurs.

1 MIP Confetti Sticker
1 1.5mm MIP Wrench
1 2.0mm MIP Wrench
1 MIP 7.0mm Nut Driver
1 MIP 1.5mm Wrench Wrap
1 MIP 2.0mm Wrench Wrap
2 MIP Wrench Wrap Jimmies
1 Inst. Sheet

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