MIP - Moore's Ideal Products - Bypass1 Pistons, 6-Hole Set, 16mm, SWorkz S35/S35-T 1/8th

MIP - Moore's Ideal Products

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Different color valves allow you to identify which thickness valve your using. The result? You can tune your shocks to optimize your cars performance. Stack the valves for even more fine tuning!

Valve Designation:
.003 Green Fast Rebound Valve
.005 Blue Medium Rebound Valve
.007 Clear Slow Rebound Valve
.010 Brown Neutral Valve
.004 Tan Gap Valve

Features pre-drilled holes which allow you to easily drill them out to custom hole sizes. For instance, you can drill 3 holes at 1.35mm and the other 3 at 1.50mm." Another advantage of the Bypass1 Technology!