Align R/C - Leap 450 3d Quadcopter


  • Powerful 3D fixed pitch quad-copter utilizing bi-directional brushless motors.
  • Bail-out, self-leveling function enables easy learning for beginners and allows experienced pilots to challenge their skills.
  • Multiple receiver compatibility: S.Bus, X.Bus, DSM2, DSMX, and DSMJ(partially not compatible).
  • Precise CNC carbon fiber machining with strict quality control.
  • Flight control system engineered for extreme 3D maneuvers as well as stable flight.
  • Powerful bi-directional brushless motors and specially designed ESC enables lightening fast directional changes required for extreme 3D acrobatic flight.
  • Simple, robust design with low parts count allows easy maintenance and repair.
  • Portable for easy transportation.
  • Compatible with wide range of lithium polymer battery selections.
  • Aerial photography and FPV capable with additional equipment (not included).

  • Model: Fixed pitch 3D quad-copter with bi-directional motors.
  • Blades: 8-inch high-strength polymer fixed pitch blades X 4
  • Motor: 1400kV X4
  • ESC: 25 Amp X4
  • Span: 450mm
  • Flight Controller: Six-Axis Advance gyro. 3D programming, auto leveling, bail-out function.
  • Weight (w/o receiver and battery): 580-620 grams.
  • Battery: 7.4V - 14.8V (2S - 4S). 2200-2600 mAh. (not included)
  • Receiver: S.Bus, X.Bus, DSM2, DSMX, and DSMJ. (not included)

Leap450 3D Quadcopter LQ45001A

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