Kyosho - Inferno MP9 TKI4 Kit


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Built for faster speed than the former TKI3, the new TKI4 features revised front/rear suspension for improved cornering stability and sharp control characteristics. A newly designed body and rear wing produces superior aerodynamics for high-performance cornering and traction. Improved driving performance goes hand-in-hand with enhanced maintenance and improved durability that can be relied upon during the critical stages of the race. Chassis structure and parts come together with precision and efficiency so the TKI4 can be recommended for serious buggy racers as well as those wanting to take the challenge of driving the ultimate 1/8 GP buggy.

< Required for operation >
2-channel, 2-servo R/C System for cars
.21-class engine
Muffler and manifold
Tires & inner foam
Engine starting tools
Starter box
Batteries for R/C system

Chassis Technical Data
Length: 490mm
Width: 307mm
Height: 180mm
Ground Clearance: 28mm
Wheelbase: 325mm (4 settings with rear hub collar position changes)
Tread (F/R): 254mm (2 front settings, 3 rear settings with bush changes)
Gear Ratio: 11.7:1
Weight: 2,950g (approx.)

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