Kyosho - MINI-Z INFERNO MP9 TKI Buggy (MB-010VE 2.0) Chassis Set with FHSS 2.4GHz System, Clear Body


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The MINI-Z Buggy MB-010VE 2.0 Chassis Set is great for a racing platform. The ESC circuit board delivers vastly improved throttle control, enabling posture to be controlled through jumps for a distinct racing advantage. In addition to the throttle and brake parameter settings possible with the previous model ESC, this new circuit board features brake frequency and ESC protection settings. With each parameter setting, you can create a MINI-Z Buggy that fits your driving style perfectly. The receiver is compatible with the KT-531P and KT-432PT transmitters; MINI-Z RWD, AWD, FWD and Buggy Readyset users can step into the exciting off-road racing using an on-hand transmitter.

*MINI-Z Buggy MB-010VE 2.0 Chassis Set, equipped with brushless motor.
*New ESC jointly developed with Scorpion Power System enables precision adjustment of each setting.
*Newly developed ESC circuit board dramatically improves throttle control.
*Additional settings include brake frequency and ESC protection settings.
*Settings can be changed with Setup Cable (No.82082, sold separately) and free software download.
*Full bearing specifications, just like the current Buggy Series.
*Includes previously optional Under Guard and Ball Stud Wrench (MBW033) for increased chassis rigidity.
*Huge range of optional parts is available for tuning upgrades.
*Comic Racer body can be installed by using No.MB022 Shock Stay / Body Mount Set.
*Comes with Inferno MP9 TKI clear body, tires and wheels.
*Receiver board is compatible with KT-531P/KT-432PT transmitters. Optional gyro (MZW431) can be installed and the gyro effect can be controlled on the chassis, or from the transmitter when used with a KT-432PT.

Length 163mm
Width 105mm
Height 46mm
Wheelbase 115mm
Tread(F/R) 89mm/89mm
Tires(F/R) Sold Separately
Weight 200g approx.

Factory assembled MB-010VE chassis installed with Team ORION XSPEED VE brushless motor.
Pinion gears x 3 (11T, 13T, 15T)
Spur gears x 2 (33T, 35T)
Wheel wrench
Pinion gear tool
Pairing stick
Spare wheel nuts