J Concepts - RM2, Clover Large Flange, 1/8 Wing Buttons, Black (2pcs)

J Concepts

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In the 1/8th off-road world, a securely fastened wing is critical during qualifiers, main events, and those all-important long practice sessions. RM2 has this option available for 1/8th buggy racers that like to do a little more beating and banging on the track.

The all-aluminum wing button, specifically for the screw-in type wing mounts, provides additional stability against landings and hard crashes because the large flange spreads out the force. The machined aluminum with the stealthy black color, durable outer rim, and stylish "Clover" design offers a bit more security over traditional plastic and aluminum wing buttons. The design is light-weight but also durable in the correct areas. The attachment area has a built-in countersunk feature which allows for the cleanest assembly possible.


  • Light-weight, machined aluminum with "Clover" design
  • Durable, large flange outer rim with extra thickness
  • Countersunk region for 3mm screw