J Concepts - Landmines - Yellow Compound Tires - (pre-mounted for Arrma Mojave on #3433B wheels)

J Concepts

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SKU: JCO401130951

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The Landmines design starts with a robust carcass carefully shaped and sized for a multitude of conditions andto be capable of bashing those difficult courses while being down-to-earth enough to carry a scale appearance.

The Landmines have alternating solid and hollow pads which are ideal for transitioning from smooth dirt or pavement into dirt, mud, and rocky terrain. Once power is applied to the vehicle, the tread spacing opens, which allows for deep digging, making it a great tire in dirt and muddy conditions.

The flexibility of the yellow compound, combined with the lug arrangement, gives the tire a grippy feel that is still hard enough to hold the mass of a larger truck. The overall height provides plenty of ground clearance for an variety of terrain. The tires include a medium/hard open cell foam insert capable of standing up to the compound, but flexible enough for low traction terrain.


  • Robust carcass, split-block design, 1:1 inspired
  • 2.2 x 3.2" bead mounting diameter compatible with Mojave
  • 132mm | 5.2" overall size without inserts
  • Sliced, stepped, and recessed lugs for deep digging