J Concepts - Ellipse Tires, Green Compound, Pre-Mounted, White Wheels, Fits Losi Mini-t 2.0 / Mini-B Rear

J Concepts

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The Ellipse "web" style tire was built to compete on smooth, high-grip indoor and outdoor surfaces which require a finely detailed connected bar pattern. The center section of the tire utilizes a diamond "home plate" footprint to provide massive surface area for a better footprint and increased longevity. The web of extensions are directional, giving the racer the ultimate tune-ability.

The Ellipse tire is mounted on the Mono rear wheel for the Losi Mini-T (front/rear) and Mini-B (rear). The Ellipse has a slightly smaller carcass, which allows the driver to attack high-speed sections with more confidence. Connected tread wears significantly better, which is useful where a racer can break-in and race with the same pair of tires all weekend.

Pair the rear Ellipse for the Mini-T and Mini-B with the #4002 Ellipse front for the ultimate indoor and grooved outdoor track conditions. The combination of the aggressive and directional tread pattern applied through the sticky green compound works very well in a variety of racing conditions.


  • Ellipse center-bar control and support
  • Diamond "home plate" design with extension webs
  • Available pre-mounted for Mini-T 2.0 (front/rear), Mini-B (rear)
  • Super Soft, Green compound
  • Includes open cell foam inserts