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J Concepts - Renegades Monster Truck Tires, Blue Compound (1 pair) - Hobby Recreation Products

J Concepts - Renegades Monster Truck Tires, Blue Compound (1 pair)

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During the glory days of monster truck racing, cut tread became a popular method of reducing weight or altering a pattern in order to tune to specific track conditions. The Renegades tire by JConcepts represents the low-profile carcass and cut-tread movement, capable of winning results straight out of the package.

The chevron style lugs has been created with specially designed back-cut tread and shaved carcass areas imitating the real thing. At rotation, the tread still stands tall and provides a hefty edge of forward grip in a variety of conditions. The back-cut section provides a small transition during high-speed corning which conforms to changing terrain and obstacles. The low-profile stance of the Renegades stays very flat during competition, speed-runs, or general use. The tire carcass profile holds the weight extremely low while the design of the tire beads allows just the right amount of contact patch for gluing and application. The Renegades measure in at 5.80 x 4.0 x 2.6".

The soft "blue" compound which is recommended for dirt, grass and asphalt feels noticeably mushy and sticky and has expanding characteristics similar to off-road racing's outdoor compounds.

These tires directly fit the Axial SMT10 Grave Digger and Max-D RTR Monster Truck kit with the addition of JConcepts #3377 Tribute wheels.
  • Low-profile sizing and design inspiration
  • Chevron style tread with back-cut lugs
  • Single contour carcass with light-weight beads
  • Authentic tire lettering with retro JConcepts logo
  • Includes "React" open cell inserts
  • Monster style and performance