J Concepts - Detox Aqua (A2) Compound Tires, fits 83mm 1/8/ Buggy Wheel

J Concepts

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Fight toxic track conditions with the Detox by JConcepts. Inevitability, track conditions turn brutal on the 1/8th scale racing scene, and JConcepts has answered the call with a dependable mega tread tire. Closely spaced tread creates the ultimate long main event tire.

The design revolves around the center structure which has hefty lugs arranged in a stacked configuration. The lugs have strategically placed cuts and grooves to allow flex in dusty conditions as the track is deteriorating while a long main is in progress. The outer portion of the tread fits together like building blocks, with shapes placed to work together to flex laterally, providing steadfast side-bite. The tread tapers off cleanly to the outer side-wall giving a smooth transition during hard cornering.


  • JConcepts original tread, available in multiple compounds
  • Strategically placed and nested tread
  • Dense tread for long main events
  • 83mm bead mounting size for 1/8th compatibility
  • Carefully shaped carcass = forward traction
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts