J Concepts - 1/10th Stadium Truck Tire Inner Sidewall Support Adaptor, Fits 2.2" Stadium Truck Tires

J Concepts

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SKU: JCO2966

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Continuing development is critical to performance and the team at JConcepts have developed an option for tire sidewall support. During high traction or loaded conditions, tire sidewall deflection causes oversteer and inconsistency with driving performance. By adding the inner sidewall support adaptor and gluing it into place, the sidewall effectively becomes much harder and allows a driver to enter smoother arcs and radius turns on the race track. Already used in competition, the sidewall support pieces have shown to work on glued, sealed, or naturally grippy surfaces where traction rolling or oversteer is an issue. In addition, when conditions are rough, bumpy or dusty, the additional support drives smoother and with more consistency.


  • Precise, fit and finish shaped to stadium truck tire carcass
  • Rubber material, bonds easily with glue
  • Interlocking features to align inside tire body
  • 4 pieces included per package