J Concepts - Front Nose Piece, Black, for RC10T / T2 / RC10GT

J Concepts

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One of the primary differences between an RC10 and an RC10T is the aluminum front nose piece. Made for a longer suspension arm setup, the RC10T nose piece is significantly narrower to accommodate truck specific geometry. JConcepts offers this piece for vintage enthusiasts, to give new life to that generation of Team Associated stadium trucks.

One of the best features of Team Associated vehicles from that time period is the continuity between models. In the case of the front nose piece, it can be used on all versions of the RC10T, RC10T2, and the tub chassis based RC10GT.

The JConcepts part is produced in 6061 aluminum, bent, drilled, and tapped in all the correct places, and anodized in black for an original look. The piece also includes two front holes to mount the original bumper as used in the 1990 Team Associated stadium truck kits.


  • Direct replacement for RC10T, T2, and RC10GT
  • 6061 aluminum, bent, drilled, and tapped 8/32"
  • Available in black anodized aluminum finish