J Concepts - Titanium Regulator Battery Cradle Stand-Off, for Associated B6/T6/SC6/B74 Series, 2pcs

J Concepts

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Battery post stand-offs are an often-overlooked item in the chassis department of the Team Associated B6, T6, SC6, B74, and JConcepts Regulator. In stock form, the steel items are heavy but can easily be dropped in favor of the titanium counterparts available from JConcepts. The 7mm hex based part has 3mm threads on each side, giving versatility and adjustability, which works well on many applications including the Team Associated race vehicles and JConcepts Regulator.


  • JConcepts design and styling
  • Light-weight material, tough design
  • High-grade, machined titanium material
  • Standardized 7mm hex adjustment area