J Concepts - Aluminum Servo Horn, 15.5mm, 25 Tooth, for B6/T6/SC6

J Concepts

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One of the critical points of a good racing setup is a proper servo horn. The horn transfers all the torque from the servo to the steering bell cranks, so this piece needs to be created with precision and durability. The JConcepts servo horn has all the geometry necessary as a direct bolt-on for the B6, T6 and SC6 generation of vehicles.

The broad base of the horn tapers to the heavy-duty boss for the ball-end. Small ribs have been added on the sides to help strengthen from twisting, and a deep pocket hides the 3mm standard mounting screw. The entire horn has been retouched with chamfer highlight edging and laser etched with JC and the tooth count for high-end looks.


  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Lightweight / durable design
  • Chamfered highlight edging
  • Black anodized color