J Concepts - Microfiber Towel, Blue/Black, 2pc

J Concepts

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These microfiber towels feature split microfibers, making them the best towel for RC vehicle cleaning applications. Each of the hundreds of thousands of fibers has multiple edges which pick up and hold, enabling the towel to pick up and hold more dust, dirt, and liquid than with traditional cotton or disposable cleaning towels. The towels are re-useable, machine washable and can provide many days of use.
  • Microfiber fabric cleans surfaces without cleaners or chemicals
  • 12"x12" in size
  • Perfect for cleaning tire beads
  • Blue (1pc) and black (1pc) colors included
  • Picks up dust and debris, Lint free, No need to re-wipe
  • Washable, re-usable, just rinse off and dry