J Concepts - B74 Aluminum +3mm Steering Rack, Blue

J Concepts

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JConcepts has the steering system on the B74 covered with this light-weight, aluminum +3mm steering rack. The rack is CNC-machined, replaces the stock piece, and comes in a blue anodized finish with machined chamfered silver edges. The aluminum assembly provides a more rigid steering system with increased steering feel and response.

More importantly, the +3mm steering rack unlocks a tuning window, allowing the steering link to be placed in a higher position. The camber link can now be moved higher along with the steering block to maintain proper geometry. The assembly is simple; drop the kit bearings into place and attach to either plastic bell-cranks or #2522-1 aluminum steering bell-cranks. As a rule, always use a light amount of thread locking compound on any thread which assembles into aluminum.

Note -
A design feature of assembled items (as requested by Spencer Rivkin) helps setup the steering and toe-in of the B74. If paired together, the JConcepts 2524-1 steering rack and 2527 top-deck have aligned holes which can be used to lock or center the steering rack in the middle of the vehicle. This is helpful during initial build up and tuning to get parallel positioning of the bell-cranks, front toe-in and servo horn position.


  • CNC Machined
  • +3mm revised geometry
  • Light-weight, rigid steering feel and response
  • Anodized with chamfered silver edging